What's Up in the Final Frontier: The State of the Space Industry

by Mary Albright | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Get up to date on what's happening in space in this interactive session. From Commercial Crew to Artemis to the newest discoveries about Saturn to the cool Minnesota experiments up on the International Space Station.

Be ready for a fun engaging Kahoot during this session!

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Mary Albright

I'm the President of the Starbird Association, a nonprofit focused on promoting teens in aerospace and STEM career exploration and advocating for Minnesota to be #SpaceNorth, the Midwest hub for the space industry in the US.

2019 NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador

Officer, Civil Air Patrol, United State Air Force Auxiliary. I direct the largest unit cadet program in the North Central Region with a focus on STEM and aerospace.

In my business life, I'm a business ops consultant for solorpreneurs and Fascinate Certified Advisor, one of less than 60 worldwide.

Fun fact: I have self-diagnosed O.D.D.~Obsessive Disney Disorder. The magic is real.

Website: Starbird Association

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