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Journey into the Realm of Possibilities

by Maheshwari K Ramakrishnan

@10:15 in Hall# OKLAHAMA

Journey into the Realm of Possibilities - Discussion about the probably Path for Self-Discovery, to Rehash your Narratives.

• Is it fun being yourself ? Is there something blocking from being yourself ? • Sometime in life we feel so lost and so tied up to some narratives which is not any closer to the image of our authentic self • Sometimes we get too numb to our own desires, we question our self-worth • We over identify ourselves as a responsible ADULT that we totally forget that we all have our inner child and that it needs to be nourished and honored to have a balanced left-brain versus right-brain orientation • Can we declutter some of those patterns? Can we find our true self? Can we connect authentically with our inner self ?
• How do we cope-up with everyday changes to massive crisis. The Possibility spectrum contains not just the PTSD, but Post Traumatic Growth as well.

All levels

Maheshwari K Ramakrishnan

Maheshwari has a wealth of experience in architecting Products and developing solutions in varied domains. She has managed and led the Center of Excellence for Sterling B2B & Commerce and innovation forums in IBM Software Labs, and managed multiple engineering teams in EMC. She is currently leading few digital/dotcom application teams in BestBuy.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/maheshwari-kr/

Outside work, Maheshwari is a voracious reader, extremely fond of Books. She enjoys music in all forms, a wide range of genre from the Indian classics to Jewish folk. She has been mentoring a lot of folks and love’s interacting with people, especially children with infectious energy. In her words “they are one of the most interesting and wonderful creation on earth”.

Also interested in Philosophy, Philanthropy, Athletics, Community Services and worked with NGOs to raise educational standards and facilities of rural schools in the past.

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