Journey into the Realm of Possibilities

by Maheshwari K Ramakrishnan | at MinneBar 14

@10:15 in Hall# OKLAHAMA

Journey into the Realm of Possibilities - Discussion about the probably Path for Self-Discovery, to Rehash your Narratives.

• Is it fun being yourself ? Is there something blocking from being yourself ? • Sometime in life we feel so lost and so tied up to some narratives which is not any closer to the image of our authentic self • Sometimes we get too numb to our own desires, we question our self-worth • We over identify ourselves as a responsible ADULT that we totally forget that we all have our inner child and that it needs to be nourished and honored to have a balanced left-brain versus right-brain orientation • Can we declutter some of those patterns? Can we find our true self? Can we connect authentically with our inner self ?
• How do we cope-up with everyday changes to massive crisis. The Possibility spectrum contains not just the PTSD, but Post Traumatic Growth as well.

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Maheshwari K Ramakrishnan

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