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CANCELED | Puppeteer & Jest: Spooky headless testing 🕴️📋

by Jay Landro

Unfortunately I will not be able to present this session. Apologies to all who expressed interest.

Puppeteer & Jest: Spooky headless testing 🕴️📋

Front-end integration and end-to-end testing traditionally has been a painful and fragile experience. Even when it is successful, maintenance and CSS updates leave the tests in shambles.

Together in this session at MINNEBAR14 we will explore the powerful and friendly new testing tools Puppeteer and Jest and how they reduce the blockers and overhead normally associated with automated front-end testing.

In the session we will cover:

  • Installation Options
  • Writing Tests & Workflow
  • Automation Options

Thank you!

Jay Landro

My specialty is responsive design, usability and front-end development. Currently working with JavaScript frameworks such as React, MobX, Vue and Angular. Continuing exploration of Node APIs, Serverless, Elastic and Data Transformation. Extensive experience developing Docker development, continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. Automated unit, headless e2e and integration testing.

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