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Flaming Laser Swords & Other Shortcuts to Succeeding at Business

by Eric Caron

In programming, we joke about "RTFM" & we search Google for answers to computer problems.

Yet in the business world, we treat our problems as "unique" and rarely realize that other people have encountered & discussed & solved similar problems.

What happens if we start treating business problems like technical problems?

Starting with Newton's flaming laser sword, we'll do a crash course of 15 basic principles that - when seen through the lens of a technologist - help everyone recognize they're not alone in their world of business challenges. Best of all, you'll get nuggets of well-researched wisdom that'll help you have more fun & be more effective in your career.

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Eric Caron

I'm a technologist in Minnesota. I love my family and strongly believe in giving back to the community. I've worked in startups, Best Buy and I'm currently at Caribou Coffee.

At the core of it all, I love demystifying technology and making it approachable to everyone. I've been lucky enough to keep having jobs where I get to learn about the business, listen to the customer, and imagine ways to serve both.

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