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🧭 What I learned as a digital nomad ✈️

by Dave Mathias

After spending the winter being a digital nomad in Africa and Europe, I thought having a Minnebar session around this might be fun for those thinking of doing such a journey and wanting to know the good and the bad. Other than the delight of escaping Minnesota winter I will hit on the good, bad and ugly of doing such a journey. Plus, I will cover tips if you wanted to make the most out of the journey.

The world is a big place but it can also be smaller than you think.

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Dave Mathias

Believer that the intersection of people, experience, process, data and technology drives maximum customer solutions. Entrepreneurial ventures around helping change data culture, Beyond the Data, and being customer focused, Customer Focus North. Otherwise doer of many things like MinneAnalytics, Ally People Solutions (soon to be CIP), Minnesota PDMA, Data Able podcast, Twin Cities Data Viz, Twin Cities Data Fluency, ProductCamp Twin Cities, and Customer Focus North.

Want to connect? Reach out on LinkedIn, @davemathias or dave@gobeyondthedata.com.

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