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Let's Live Code A Browser in Kotlin

by Colin Lee

In the past year, Mozilla changed everything behind the scenes of our Android-based Firefox browsers. We launched a new project to package everything it takes to build a great browser, called our Android Components. Then we immediately got to work building awesome browsers with it.

Come learn how to build your own unique browser using our components written in Kotlin. I'll also discuss which syntactic sugar in the language made our work oh so much sweeter.


Colin Lee

Colin is an experienced software engineer specializing in Android development. He currently codes for Mozilla on the Firefox Fenix Android browser revamp. He has worked for many successful companies in the past fifteen years, including Amazon, Flipgrid (acquired by Microsoft), Cray, Pearson VUE, and When I Work. He runs the Twin Cities Kotlin User Group in his spare time.

He has been programming since he learned BASIC on the TRS-80 computer in his parents' basement at age six. He has been writing Android apps since the first Android phone launched and has done so professionally for around seven or eight years.