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gstream - A Product Review (Technical, User Experience and more)

by Chris Macgowan

gstream is a new start-up that will provide a mobile application and server framework to deliver streaming audio content based on a specific geographical location.

In this session we'll demo the iphone beta and back-end. We're interested in a discussion about the product, user experience and other topics as we move in to a beta release.

The gstream mobile applications and server framework will provide a user with streaming audio content based on a specific geographical location. The mobile applications will provide a rich user experience using voice control, traditional ui and personalized content to make the app easy to use and fun!

Voice control doesn't work yet - in case that's why you were coming :--)

Read more: https://www.gstream.org/


Chris Macgowan

Chris Macgowan is a Software Engineer, Filmmaker and Co-Founder of gstream

Chris has been building software since 1985.

Herrn Macgowan has worked on a couple movies! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3807016/

After failing to become a Film Director - he went back to software. Chris has developed various applications running under Windows, Linux/Unix and now iOS. Back in 1986 - Chris wrote assembler targeting the 8051 Intel Microcontroller.

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