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Combatting the changing landscape of user engagement

by Andrew Hayes

The number one problem marketing professionals and app developers both struggle to solve is the problem of retaining the users on their platform. The 'modern user' is dynamic and constantly changing. What attracts users one day may deter users at another time. How can developers create software that keeps users engaged, interested, and logging on to their platforms? Join us for this session as we discuss the ways that the modern user is changing as well as the techniques we are integrating into our own platform, Tournament Time, to keep users coming back every day.


Andrew Hayes

Hi, I am a student at Macalester College in St. Paul and will be graduating this May with degrees in Applied Math and Computer Science. I am the founder of Tournament Time Inc, a mobile game that hosts live competitions every day and rewards top players with prizes and cash. We are currently on TestFlight and expect to go live Summer 19'.

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