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Try it! Easy Python code to clean up your CSV and XLSX files

by Katie

Do you love to tinker with things, even if you have no idea how they work? I can't make you a career programmer in a "mini" workshop, but we can do a few magic tricks together!

  • Run simple code in the Python programming language and watch it transform spreadsheets faster than Excel

  • Perform filter-and-replace operations, summarize data, and combine multiple spreadsheets

  • Take away a few useful "door prize" scripts to try at home

Too short to be a "hands-on training," I call this collaborative live-coding format ... the "hands-on demo."

I Call It

This year we'll skip "programming 101" content and just make cool things happen.

We'll still cover:

  • When it's faster to code Python, and when to click buttons in Excel

  • Training and practice resources



Refusing to budge from sorting the closet "ROYGBV" by color since early childhood, and once told, "In my mind, your brain is shaped like an old-fashioned library card catalog," Katie is always thrilled to help others find -- and maintain -- order in their data.

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