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Why does finding a job in design or development suck so bad?

by Timothy Smith

A roundtable discussion of what experiences people have had when trying to find a job. I'm hoping we'll also have some people involved in hiring that can shed some light on why certain things are done (tests, long waiting periods, etc.) I want to walk away from this session feeling like I understand the other side a little better, and that I'm not alone in having some pretty terrible stories.

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Timothy Smith

Tim Smith is a designer and frontend developer from Saint Paul, MN. He's worked on the web for a decade, working with different companies and clients. Tim writes Brightly Colored, a blog about design, development, technology, and most importantly, Star Wars. When away from his desk, he spends time with his amazing wife Kelly, eating brunch, watching movies, walking the mall, and other sappy-sounding couple stuff.

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