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What would you do if you could code a robot in 30 minutes?

by Ben Edwards

I'm part of a team with the audacious goal of getting a personal robot in every home and office. But we're realists (ok so were optimists) and we know that we need a realistic path to get there. Enter, developers. Just like the first personal computers, the only people who were really getting value out of them were the developers. In fact, they were the only people that could. Everything needed to be programmed before those early computers could do anything. We think robots are the same. That's why we've made our first robots easily programmable with JavaScript and Blockly. We don't want people to need to know about electrical engineering, firmware, and hardware to get value out of a robot using things like locomotion, mapping, computer vision, and voice interaction.

In this session (still TBD a bit) we would like to have both a hands-on demo of what its like to develop on the Misty robot as well as a discussion of what people would like to do with robots in the near (and distant) future.

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Ben Edwards

Ben is a catalyst to the various tech, design, and entrepreneur communities of which he is a part. He currently serves as Head of Community at Misty Robotics and was formerly Co-Founder of SmartThings, Minnestar, and Refactr. In addition, Ben is currently an Advisor at Great North Labs and a Board Member at Goodfolio, a non-profit based on the principles of effective giving.

Ben is particularly proud of his role in the genesis of the non-profit, Minnestar—fostering technology and startup activity in Minnesota since 2006.

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