How to fix and improve your old guitar - A beginner's journey in guitar repair

by Toby Cryns | at Minnebar 17

I bought a 60-year-old acoustic guitar off Craigslist, and it was barely playable due to its curved neck. I paid a guitar tech $30 to tweak it a bit, but it was still largely unplayable, except for "cowboy chords".

What came next was a journey in confidence-building, bumbling amateur woodworking, messy glueing, fret pulling/installation, and more until that crappy guitar suddenly became playable! It's now my favorite guitar, and I play it almost every day.

In this session, I'll share all the work I did on the guitar to take it from junker to...funkmeister!

I'll also share other guitar maintenance, cleaning, and improvement tips as well as some of the DIY tools I used to get the job done.

I'll also tell you about the time I ruined a perfectly functional set of guitar pickups by boiling them in wax (and why I thought it was a good idea to place guitar pickups into boiling wax in the first place).