Entrepreneurship Through Acqusition - You Can Buy a Business!

by Jake Parsley | at Minnebar 17

The world of entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) is a growing movement where aspiring business owners buy an existing company rather than starting one from scratch. This session is intended to be a broad overview of the ETA process.

Buyers can have the autonomy, financial upside, and ability to innovate that business ownership provides, and an entire ecosystem of institutional lenders, investors, and deal makers exist to make this possible. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it's a lot of work. But America's small business ecosystem needs new blood as millions of baby boomers (a veritable "silver tsunami!") will be faced with difficult decisions of what to do with their businesses in the years to come.

During my talk, I'll cover the basics of ETA, identifying key players you'll meet along the journey, and share tons of resources - books, online communities, and local contacts to help you along the journey.

Come learn a little about the process of becoming the owner and CEO of a profitable business!


Jake Parsley

I'm a local business transactions attorney with the SMB Law Group. I also have a broker's license and can broker/consult on business transactions when I'm not lawyerin'.

I really like to talk about small business transactions and I am a huge advocate for people owning their own future.

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