Who needs <insert_your_job_title_here> anyways?

by Mark Howard | at Minnebar 16

How exactly did we get here? We work in an industry with so many specialists and roles and middlemen that we've completely lost sight of our primary objective: to build useful software for customers. We spend so much time trying to overcome the inherent inefficiences in a flawed model that we've all too readily embraced in the name of feeding our familes but at the expense of the end user. Perhaps it's time we stop 'playing business' and instead start focusing on what's truly important: building great software as fast and efficiently as possible.

In this talk, with tongue only partially in cheek I will attempt to make the case that we really don't need any QA engineers, devops engineers, product managers, business analysts, software architects, engineering managers, front-end developers, back-end developers, sales engineers or tech support engineers. Instead, we really only need product engineers who are capable of doing ALL the things. Sound like a pipe dream? Perhaps, but that's my specialty! Come help me think this through and bring a thick skin.


Mark Howard

Mark is a software engineer who is interested in AI, machine learning, neuroscience, bioinformatics, alternative transportation and baseball.

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