Let's Play Quantum

by Lynn Langit | at Minnebar 16

What is This?

Join in for a fun interactive session where we learn to play Google's "The Qubit Game" (https://quantumai.google/education/thequbitgame). Come along on my 'learn quantum programming journey --> I've been exploring the world of QPUs, qubits and quantum programming and have led a 15 week bookclub and have created an introductory course on the topic.

What will we do?

In this session we'll play the online game (no install needed!), then pause to reflect and share what we've observed while playing the game.

What Topics will we cover?
  • what are qubits?
  • what are quantum operations?
  • how do qubits produce information?
  • what mechanical effects are involved (i.e. heat, cosmic rays...)?
  • what are the steps involved in building a quantum computer?

Beginners welcome!


Lynn Langit

Cloud Architect who codes. Author of 35 Linked In Learning courses on cloud and big data topics. Lead my own software consultancy for the past 11 years, working on genomic-scale cloud data pipelines. In 2007-2011 I worked at Microsoft as a Sr Developer Evangelist.

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