Massage Therapy

by Abigail Wiggins | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

We work with those in need of medical massage therapy and tissue manipulation; Clients with pain, poor range of motion, scar tissue, headaches, numbness and tingling, etc. Meet your Therapist, Abigail Wiggins, at Movement in Massage: "Random fact: I love scarves! Problem is, I prefer the sunny weather Colorado is a really sweet balance of all seasons. Scarf weather also happens to be perfect for a massage.

Massage Therapy at Movement in Massage may positively affect - Acute or Ongoing Pain, Numbness and Tingling, Neck Pain, Range of Motion due to muscle tightness, TMJ Disorder, Circulation, Discomfort in Running and Activities and Scar Tissue etc.

Massage Therapy


Abigail Wiggins

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