Great Ideas + Low Cash = Build Your Own BadAss Patent Protection

by Eduardo Drake | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Curious about getting into the patent game with minimal financial risk? Yes. Then, this session is for you.

Veteran patent lawyer who loves connecting and teaching, Eduardo Drake, will share the essentials of building a quality provisional patent application without getting lost in hyper legalese. In this fast-paced session, you'll learn:

*Why patents were invented; *What a provisional patent app is; *Why to file one; *What to include and exclude; *Top do's and don'ts; *Key value-add strategies;
*When not to file your own. *Where and how to file it.

You'll see an example of a currently pending provisional application illustrating key principles. You'll receive free access to an Invenja group jam session to address questions you have in building your own provisional patent application.

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Eduardo Drake

Hi, I'm Chief Patent Wizard at Fantastic IP Consulting. I believe in the power of entrepreneurs to make the world a better place through their new ideas and innovations.

I founded Fantastic IP in 2011, with a commitment to offering wisdom, imagination, and enthusiasm in service of fired-up entrepreneurs and change-makers of all kinds.

I'm also an entrepreneur working on several startup businesses of my own, including one advancing global human thriving through connection, celebration, and creavity.

Among my many loves are fatherhood, Argentine tango, yoga, fired up people, ideas to make the world a better place, the 5 love languages, connection, avocados, and rocks with holes in them.

I"m excited to meet you and look forward to contributing to your massive success.