Quality Assurance & Food Safety - The future of traceability and efficiency

by Nhat Nguyen | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

We are a young startup, recently moved our HQ to St Paul as part of TechStars Farm to Fork Accelerator. We wanted to share our story in the hope that more people will understand the problems the industry is facing.

How increasing food safety regulations and customer demand for sustainably sourced products will shape the future of traceability. Topics: 1- Why do we have an increasing demand for food traceability 2- How can we transform from paper to data to create this future 2.1- Getting your house in order (we need to start on QA in order to achieve the goal of traceability) 2.2- The potential of this data 3- How technology is helping companies to get there

Presented by Nhat Nguyen and Lucas Cunha

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Nhat Nguyen

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