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Building a tech startup with no-code:

by Alex Rodriguez

I fell in love with technology and startups the minute I discovered the startup industry. But like many others I was non-technical. So I've had to find ways to make it work.

With the rise of no-code and tools getting better. It felt like I could build an mvp and at last, electricianpath.com was born and has grown with no-code.

This session will cover the basics of no-code and more:

  • Intro and fundamentals to no-code

  • What's possible (a lot more than you'd expect) and what's not (yet)

  • Examples of products built with no-code

  • How I built my current startup (Electrician Path) with no-code and plan to scale it.

  • Why no-code will produce a new wave of entrepreneurs

  • Making your business 'tech-enabled' with no-code

  • Q&A

Presented by: ElectricianPath, and Graveti



All levels

Alex Rodriguez

**Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez, is the Founder of Electrician Path. Electrician Path is the network for Millennial and Generation-Z Electrician Talent to find opportunities in the industry. The startup was built with no-code.

He's the founder of Graveti. A community focused on building businesses, creating wealth and developing the Tech ecosystem for people of color in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area.

Alex, was a Minneapolis Code2040 Entrepreneur in Residence at Fueled Collective (COCO), powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Alex, was Minnesota Tech Hustler of the Year for 2015.

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