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The future of embedded software development and testing

by Joe Schneider

Embedded software engineers have been behind for years due to hardware limitations, compiler and OS nuances, prohibitively expensive licenses, and old tools. In this session, Dojo Five (embedded software startup in St. Paul) is excited to show you the future of development and testing: automated firmware builds and tests, hardware simulation, security monitoring, and crash analytics.

Web developers have been using this process for years, but it's time for embedded to level up. Gone are the days of having a build machine in the corner of the office and worrying about what version compiler and OS you have to use! Come see the future of embedded software.

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Joe Schneider

Founder and President of Dojo Five - The Embedded Experts. Dojo Five is the only company that specializes strictly in embedded software in the midwest. We believe that happy engineers create the best products, and we constantly iterate our best practices through which we bring your exciting ideas to life.

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