Blinking Badge Story time - Red Tape and Fintech

by Jade Barker and David Duccini | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

You’ve seen Silicon Prairie wearing the BLINKING light-up badges, but WHY?

We started wearing them last Startup week for ONE REASON, come learn why! Featuring: A scrappy underdog team of geeks, that must stand up to a petty tyrant, to fight for the user...

Taste the forbidden fruit of mid-day schadenfreude (shameful joy) as you learn how much it costs emotionally and financially to “fight the man”

• Hear juicy gossip about the local stiffs! • Prophylactic tips for juggling a six-pack of lawyers! • Viscerally FEEL the confounding highs and lows!

If at least twenty people attend, we will do a drawing for a $50 gift card at the end of the session – so bring a friend!


Jade Barker

Jade Barker: Business Systems Consultant, Business and Blockchain Quartermaster, Warrior Princess of Tech at Silicon Prairie (Sorry my job title is wacky, we report to a lot of different regulators. The fanciful title saves me time)

I’m a Fintech Geek: My specialty is Investment Crowdfunding (Exempt Securities), Blockchain, Smart Contracts/ Smart Documents, Startups, and Small Business Funding. I’m next in line to answer questions if our Founder David Duccini isn’t home. I’ve been in tech startups for 7 years in the Midwest, before that I was a pharmaceutical chemist.

Roles: Blockchain CO-FOUNDER & Principal Consultant at Strength in Numbers (SNF), our blockchain education & consulting non-profit 501(C)(3). My mentor involved in Bitcoin since 2010, with a dozen patents for Blockchain in Banking. I’ve been in the space since 2015 and am currently the curriculum assistant for the semester-long Graduate Comp Sci Blockchain class at a local private college.

BUSINESS SYSTEMS CONSULTANT at Silicon Prairie Portal and Exchange (SPPX). Live since 2016, our Investment Crowdfunding portal works like Kickstarter, but companies can sell real stock to regular people under MNvest, SCOR, and Reg CF. Also available Reg D and Reg A+ Our platform represents $1M in development to this point and is poised to be an industry leader in Investor Relations as a Service (IRAAS). Team experience with software security architecture, Fortune 100 banking best practices, & SOC 2/ Type II audits. Leadership on the “Geppetto” Project live since 2017. Proprietary one-to-many document automation system: we bridge the gap between lawyers and software developers. Smart Contracts require smart documents. We can help teams raising between $50K - $5M, plus those seeking up to $50M.

Find me on Linkedin or our Friday Open Office Hours Or at an event near you, wearing a BLINKING BADGE so you can't miss me ;)

*None of these comments are legal advice, please seek a credentialed professional.

David Duccini

Responsible for Software and Security Architecture. David is on a dozen patents for Blockchain Technology with Wells Fargo and wrote his own unique crypto-currency called 2GIVE that had a market cap worth over 20 MILLION USD (at the peak). David has been an active member of since 2011, with status listed as Legendary. Additional experience includes founding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that acquired seven competitors before a merger and a successful exit. David is a unique expert with a breadth of experience as a software security architect, successful tech entrepreneur, AND visionary with extensive practical experience in Regulated Financial Technology, Blockchain, Smart Documents, and Cryptocurrency. Neck Deep in Blockchain & Fintech for 9 – 10 years, Software for 25+

If you're curious about our master plan for Global Domination, check out the 2017 TECHdotMN 'Minnesota Moonshot' article to see where we've been and where we're going!

David recently joined the investment banking ranks on his way to launching a secondary market for securities sold under various exemptions. When he's not busy wrestling with regulators he enjoys donating his time, plane and pilot skills to "Pilots n Paws" a volunteer organization that helps move pets around the world!