Cronenberg’s The Pixel: Glitching Media on Purpose

by Allison Walker | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Embrace the B movie mad scientist within you and break the boundaries of design decency to create technicolor monstrosities. In this 45 minute session you’ll learn how to use Audacity to glitch/databend all kinds of digital media to create visually interesting effects without completely breaking the file.


Talk covers how to set up files for best results, the basic process, and explores the outcomes of experiments with static images, gifs, and video files. Great for artists, experimenters, visual atrocity tourists, and people tired of using the same free video glitching effect and static texture everyone else uses.

All levels

Allison Walker

The human equivalent of one of those stretchy, sticky hands you get out of a quarter machine at the grocery store. Instead of lint, it's large chunks of graphic design surrounded by bits of web design, traditional art, and whatever exciting bits I get my grubby self on. Look for me in your local digital junk drawer or on that section of ceiling you can't reach.