Cardio, Strength, and IoT: How Life Time is bringing the Internet of Things and data analysis to the fitness club

by Brian Shoemaker and Joshua Beardsley | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Life Time hosts tens of thousands of pieces of fitness and cardio equipment across its more than 150 fitness clubs. But, we lack a consistent way of knowing how they’re used, if they’re the right types of equipment, or if there’s a problem with a machine. Joshua and Brian will share how Life Time is using Azure services and Internet of Things patterns to gain insights on equipment use and improve the member experience. 


Brian Shoemaker

Brian Shoemaker is Senior Director of Innovation at Life Time, leading the LT Labs team, and assessing technologies and trends that can be implemented in the fitness club of the future in the next 3-5 years. We quickly build proof-of-concepts to pilot in our clubs, measure the impact on operations and the member experience, and evaluate the results to apply across Life Time’s 150+ locations.

Recent efforts include heart rate and power training in group fitness, applying Internet of Things (IoT) patterns to club operations, testing wearables and fitness tech, and creating a smart home strategy for Life Time Living.

We're looking for talented people to join Life Time who love staying on the bleeding edge of technological trends with an eye toward the future, all to help our members meet their goals. Learn more at

Joshua Beardsley

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