Accessible Design Systems

by Caryn Pagel and Nathan Weber | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

The design system team at Thomson Reuters works vigorously to ensure our digital products and apps are accessible to everyone. But getting here hasn't been easy. We've had to convince executives why accessibility must play an essential role in our design system. We've had to make individual components accessible and provide documentation, so issues don't pop up in our products. We've also acknowledged we can't fix all accessibility issues with our design system. We'll share our story, and we hope you'll see familiar issues that you can solve when you head back to work!

Key takeaways:
* prioritizing accessibility in your design system
* ensuring individual components are accessible
* aspects of accessibility that a design system can't fix


Caryn Pagel

Caryn’s passion for digital accessibility began when she worked in the UX and visual design field. She has previously worked for Simply Accessible and Level Access, and currently works with the amazing accessibility team at Thomson Reuters.

Nathan Weber

Nathan is a product owner and lead designer on the design systems team at Thomson Reuters. With a background in animation, development, visual design and writing, he understands that any successful project requires co-creation. He is on the board of directors for a foundation specializing in increasing access and celebrating diverse artists.