✅ Static Code Checks for Android ✅

by Andrew Haisting | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

Are you tired of fixing formatting issues during code review? Have you thought about adding "Detekt" to your Android project, but got intimidated by the setup documentation? Have you ever wanted to track and report unit test coverage on an Android codebase?

At Livefront, we've spent the last year focusing on using static checks to keep our codebases squeaky clean and saving code review for difficult architectural decisions instead of fickle formatting fiascos.

This talk is primarily aimed at Android engineers, though there will be some general commentary on the value of static checking and unit test coverage reporting. In this talk I'll walk through the tools we use on our Android projects, including but not limited to: - Our new open source library, "Shroud", used to report unit test coverage. - "Android lint" which helps us catch bugs before the hatch. - "Detekt" which keeps our kotlin files squeaky clean. - Git push hooks to keep CI errors rarer than a thunderstorm in December.

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Andrew Haisting

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