✏️📚🍎High School Computer Science in MN 🍎📚✏️

by Andrew Haisting | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

In this talk we will give an overview of computer science education available to high school students in MN. You will learn about programs available both in and out of the school day, as well as how you can get involved -- either as a student or a teacher!

Andrew Haisting - Andrew is an alum of Rosemount High School, where his computer science journey began. Because of the vast CS curriculum offered at RHS, he was able to enter college with two full semesters worth of college credit and earn a CS degree in just three years. Andrew is an Android engineer at Livefront and also teaches the coding certificate at Project Success.

James Rone - James is the Program Manager at the Project Success Institute, where he leverages his passion and experience in public education to offer a wide variety of after school curriculum to MPLS high school students.

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Andrew Haisting

Andrew writes, reviews, and ships top quality code at Livefront.