Creative Commons Music: Community, Legal, and Business

by Douglas Whitfield | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

This is a rework of a talk I have given for OpenLogic (open source support company) and for Penguins Unbound (one of the local Linux User Groups), with more background for people that may not be as well-versed in open source.

Creative Commons (CC) is an organization that has a suite of licenses that are open sourcish. We will discuss in the session how the suite is like open source, and how the various licenses are different. The licenses can cover any creative works. The licenses could be used for software, but CC suggests not doing that.

We will focus on music because that is what I know. I own a record label that is largely CC-based. I co-hosted a CC-based podcast for 8 years. I am the regional lead for the CC Community Music Awards.

Also, while I have branded the talk to be about CC, we will briefly discuss other non-CC licenses in the creative works space.


Douglas Whitfield

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