Engineering in a Product Delivery World

by Martin Hertz | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

The legacy assembly line of software development is breaking down. No longer is Product passing requirements to Engineering, who, in turn, hand artifacts to IT for release. The movements of “product mindset” and DevOps have taken hold, and the silos are collapsing. Engineering is no longer about software development but part of an abstract organizational collective providing “product delivery.” As Engineers, we should view this as a great thing! However, it begs the question, what does success mean for an Engineering discipline in what might feel like Product and DevOps dominated world?

Before the idea of “product mindset” came along, conventional wisdom held that Engineering success meant delivering a project on time and in budget. Likewise, before the DevOps opened our eyes to releasing frequently (ideally daily), annual Engineering success was measured in the number of releases. What do measurements of success look like in this new product delivery world?

We’ll dive into the role of Engineering in a product delivery world. We’ll understand how the different perspectives driven by Product, DevOps, and Engineering don’t cancel each other but build a better whole. We’ll also discuss what can be measured to help indicate success in Engineering.

While providing an Engineering perspective, this session is for leaders and practitioners from all disciplines of Product, DevOps, and Engineering.


Martin Hertz

Martin Hertz is a leader in software development with over 20 years of professional experience. These days, he’s focused on building exceptional software development organizations, shaping robust and self-sustaining delivery teams, and coaching engineers. He’s played roles of developer, architect, scrum master, product owner, people manager, project manager, and process expounder. He has been fortunate to learn a lot over the years from smart colleagues, mentors, and his mistakes.