Meditation: How to do it, Why to do it

by Joe McIntosh | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

We'll discuss:

1). Practical ways to meditate

I'm not a monk, I'm not a nun. I'm a regular person - I have a wife, 4 daughters, full time job, mortgage payment, a handful of really good friends, I'd like to exercise more etc.

I've been meditating consistently for 4 years and the practice has changed my life. My wife and kids have noticed; but more importantly I've noticed. I'm a different person. I still have struggles though I have an order of magnitude more patience. I still get upset, though I have greater perspective. And, I'm less fearful too....the benefits are countless...

Meditation knocked on my door several times before I finally committed to it. The same could be for you as well. Maybe you've read literature on meditation, perhaps you have a friend or colleague who meditates, or maybe you've even made it a new year's resolution to meditate and its never really taken off for you. Let this session be a sign for you. Come check it out and/or tell a friend.

We'll also explore:

2). What stops us from starting or committing to daily meditation 3). What would be the biggest impact if we meditated more consistently

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