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How Shopify Works: Small Business Basics

by Toby Cryns

2 years ago, I said something that surprised me: "WordPress can't handle this." I had been deep in WordPress for over a decade and had never before been stumped by WordPress like this.

LumeDeodorant.com was processing lots of credit card & Paypal transactions, and WordPress was buckling under the pressure. Check this out: By simply switching to Shopify, we resolved ALL of our transactional issues overnight!

"Unbelievable!" I thought at the time. And my life hasn't been the same since.

During this session, you'll share your questions about Shopify or Shopify Plus, and we'll do our best to get you answers! Topics might include:

  • Setting up an account
  • Listing products for sale
  • Best practices for adding images
  • Customizing your theme
  • Configuring shipping settings
  • Defining shipping zones and rates
  • Integrating with other services
  • Installing a personalized recommendations app
  • Setting up payment settings
  • Configuring upsells
  • Adding Apple Pay and PayPal
  • Configuring sitewide SEO
  • Whatever questions you bring!
  • When is WordPress a better solution than Shopify and vice-versa?

Hopefully you'll leave this conversation with clearer direction on where to begin your next web project.


Toby Cryns

Hi, I'm Toby Cryns!

alt text

I'm producing a musical, will probably read Lord of the Rings again this year, and my favorite place is Disneyland. Here's my biz blog. I founded Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group and The Mighty Mo! WordPress Design.

MinneBar-day is my favorite day of the year.


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