Building a Creative Coding Rendering Engine for Android

by Nash Lincoln | at Minnebar spring 2020 (canceled)

I'll walk through my one-of-a-kind rendering engine built to make creative coding possible without coding. It's a graph executor written in kotlin, OpenGL and TensorFlow.
Each node of the graph creates or processes audio, video, 3D mesh or other kinds of data. Each node implements a single algorithm, such as DSP algorithms (filters, transforms), biological simulations (growth, agents, automatons), physical simulations (forces, vector fields, fluid dynamics) and ML/AI algorithms (object detection, GANNs). By connecting nodes and passing data through the various algorithms a wide variety of (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing output is produced.


Nash Lincoln

I've been a software engineer for 14 years, both at startups like Curbside and Leap Motion and large companies like Google and Amazon. I am currently founder of Rthqks, a startup building apps for creativity.