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FPV Drones: Racing, Filming, Fun. How to Start!

by Jason Kaasovic

In this session we'll dive into how to start flying, TODAY! We'll go over the essential gear, talk about what's needed, and how to get going! First Person View drones are a rabbit hole of discovery and this session is designed to tell you what you need and how to do it. Leading the conversation will be local professional pilot, Jason Kaasovic, @intent2bhuman, who films commercially, flies for Tinywhoop and local startups Airvuz and Hydra FPV as a Team Pilot.

(session length - 25 minutes)

All levels

Jason Kaasovic

Daytime developer of solar projects in the Twin Cities, father to the world's fastest youth racing pilot, and owner of Sky Pirates FPV - a commercial filming group.

IG: intent2bhuman

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