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⚙️🕵️ Application Performance Monitoring for the Front-end

by Ahnaf Prio

While there are dozens of back-end monitoring tools and log aggregation services, there are very few front-end application monitoring tools. Applications with interfaces that are exposed to users are becoming more complex and more powerful. With this trend comes the possibility of more going wrong. Your application is only as good as the customer experience it generates. Any kind of downtime or degradation of the front-end of an app can lead to severe losses in revenue, customer happiness, or wasted engineering resources.

This talk is going to talk about the challenges, strategies and solutions on how you can have a better overall experience for your clients by ensuring a robust front performance monitoring system.


Ahnaf Prio

Ahnaf is originally from Dhaka Bangladesh and got his Bachelors in Computer Science from UMN: Morris. He currently works as a full stack engineer for Securian Financial, a fortune 500 company in St Paul, Minnesota.

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