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A consummate beginner, I have 20 years professional experience building PC's, administering systems and writing software while working on initiatives for NASA, Mayo Clinic, US Dept. of Defense, Thomson Reuters, Best Buy, US Bank and many, many more.

I started building PC's with my dad in 1990. At the same time I broke open a Turbo Power C book and compiler on a 286. From Pascal and ADA, I moved on to Perl, JavaScript, Java, PHP and C#.

In 2008, I founded a non-profit, Marching Mountains, to obtain musical instruments for struggling band programs.

I enjoy writing, philosophy, playing in a band, brewing root beer, world travel and nature photography. I'm also a student of Chinese culture, with an intermediate proficiency at speaking, reading and writing Chinese as well as a practitioner of several Chinese martial arts including: 太极拳, 八卦掌,and 形意拳

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