Casey Flynn




As a Resilience Coach, I help founders overcome failure quickly.

After working with 1,000+ founders, Harj Taggar of Y Combinator states: "Resilience is the most important quality..."

I partner with founders to build their resilience and get stuff done. We do this together through embracing healthy failure for growth and learning.

I bring experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, product/project management, UX & DesignOps, software development, Lean-Agile coaching, accessibility & inclusive design, and digital marketing.

I have coached numerous product and portfolio teams and watched them reach their full potential. This is primarily through leadership coaching as the success and health of teams and organizations rise and fall with their leaders.

With a view of the end-to-end product lifecycle and a focus on value to the customer, I help teams and organizations measure what matters and lift beyond possible.

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