Roxanne Alvidrez Niederkorn




I'm a career-transitioner about to graduate from the Lydian Cohort of Prime Digital Academy in Minneapolis, MN. I'm an empathetic, energetic, life-long learner. I love being around people, and finding the humor in any given situation. Give me a problem and if I can't solve it, I will figure out the steps to get close to a solution.

Originally from the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix,AZ), I've come to sound like a born and raised Minnesotan! Yes, I do looong goodbyes and say, "Ope! Let me just sneak past you". I have my A.A. from Century College with a focus on Global Studies, I did a stint as an Intern at the MN State Senate. I love exploring my creative side and discovered a talent for drawing the human figure at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. My creative work currently includes watercolor, helping my kids with school projects and teaching my dog new tricks.

While going through Prime, I maintained my profession as a Casino Games dealer. This is where I've perfected my people skills that enable me to handle extreme situations with a calm and empathetic manner. I have developed the ability to read situations and act according to my audiences needs. This skill is extremely helpful in every other aspect of life and I believe I can easily transfer that to my next career as an Engineer.

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