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Mikky Daub




Hello fellow humans! I'm Mikky Daub :)

I'm a Jack (or Jill if you will) of all creative, empathic, and administrative trades. I'm a freelancer who does little of everything from graphic design, to administration, executive assisting, marketing, photography, social media management, and BEYOND! People always tell me I should "niche down" but I thrive off of change and variety and have never found this to be financially troubling. I'mma keep doin' me!

Some of my current and notable clients include:

🔥 Smart Passive Income 🔥 Gal Friday 612 🔥 612 Sauna Society 🔥 Constellation Band (jazz/funk)

Feel free to connect with me online if you'd like:

Twitter: [www.twitter.com/mikkydaub] Instagram: [www.instagram.com/mikkydaub] LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikkydaub/]

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