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Cassie Traun is currently working in technical support at a very large, unnamed corporation and also does web development during her free time. She has been working in the tech industry in some capacity for nearly a decade. One of the only other things so omnipresent throughout her life has been Crohn's disease, which she was diagnosed with in the severe, refractory form when she was 16. She is also a privacy advocate and co-founded CryptopartyMN, which is dedicated to teaching people of all skill levels how to encrypt their personal communications in a fun, accessible workshop format. CryptopartyMN hosts events in the Twin Cities area on a regular basis and also participated in a joint event with Amnesty International in October 2015. In the rest of her free time, Cassie enjoys biking, hoarding governmental data obtained via data practices requests, sometimes pretending she knows how to admin Linux servers by maintaining several web servers for personal and non-profit use, and upsetting unknown state-sponsored actors enough to try hacking her Twitter account.

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